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Did a court enter a judgment against you and you want to challenge it before a reviewing court also known as a court of appeal? We have the experience to represent you at the appellate level.

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Civil litigation

If you have a dispute with another person, that is not criminal, and need someone to represent you, we can work out a strategy to solve your problem.

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Commercial Litigation

We help clients when their businesses or their business deals encounter unforeseen problems. For example, we can help when a contract is breached, there is a dispute as to the validity of trade secrets or non-compete clauses or when you want to collect on a commercial debt, appoint a receiver for a corporation or obtain an injunction.

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We represent an array of condominium associations with all their legal needs

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Construction Litigation

We represent clients in their disputes against homeowners or construction professionals such as contractors, architects, and/or designers.

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If you have a contract and need someone to review it, call is. If you have an agreement with someone and need someone to write it down, negotiate the terms of the contract, and look out for your interests, call us.

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Corporate Formation

Corporations are creations of the law which are primarily used to carry on business. The corporation is completely separate from the individual and should be kept that way in all financial and legal records by the individuals incorporating the company.

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Are you a landlord or a tenant and have problems arising out of the lease agreement? We can help.

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We represent plaintiffs foreclosing on their mortgages or claims of lien as well as homeowners who need defense in foreclosure proceedings.

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International Litigation

If you have a dispute that involves the laws or people or things from other countries, you want an attorney that can understand how multiple laws or systems of law work simultaneously. Our experience with different law systems, our fluency in Spanish and our diverse backgrounds allow us to handle any international dispute.

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Ms. Tejada Lacayo is a Circuit Civil certified mediator. She can assist with any kind of civil mediation whether in English or Spanish.

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Probate Litigation

If you are involved in a dispute over who the rightful beneficiaries are, you will need to be represented. We have the experience to do just that.

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Real Estate

Are you interested in purchasing real or commercial property in Florida? We can help you negotiate the terms of all your agreements and conduct any due diligence that may be necessary.