Florida condominium and homeowner associations are governed by a vast and comprehensive set of laws that govern all kinds of issues such as the creation and termination of condominium and homeowner associations, the rights and obligations of associations, unit owners and third parties, voting requirements, claims of liens and their foreclosure, receivers and injunctions among many other issues. The attorneys at Tejada Lacayo, P.A. have experience representing community associations with any of these issues. 

We can assist association boards and management to prepare for and conduct meetings, answer questions about the covenants, declarations, and the law, and assist with the enforcement of association rules. We have experience drafting and negotiating contracts for the provision of goods and services, and can help a community properly comply with, and understand, state and local laws and court rulings. We are also prepared to represent and advise our clients as to the proper course to follow when unit owners fail to pay their assessments and collections must be started. In sum, we have the experience to act as trusted advisors, and are available to answer questions regarding operational, fiscal, technical, regulatory, and practical issues that may arise with the day to day operations of a condominium or homeowners association.