Lease agreements contain most if not all of the terms that define the relationship between a landlord and a tenant. In addition, Florida also contains provisions which provide certain rights and impose obligations on landlords and tenants. At Tejada Lacayo, P.A. we have experience representing parties with the negotiation of their lease agreements. 

Once a lease is entered into, problems may arise. The most common dispute between a landlord and a tenant involves the payment of rent. When rent is not paid, landlords have the right to file an action to evict their tenant. The eviction process is not complicated but if the process is not followed correctly, the eviction may be denied. Another common problem between landlords and tenants deals with rent abatement. In Florida, tenants have a right to live in a property that meets certain basic standards and is in good condition. If the property does not meet the basic conditions and, for example, there is a leak in the roof or mold growing in the property, the tenant may be able to withhold rent if all required conditions are met. 

Whether you are a landlord or tenant we can help you understand your rights and obligations. We can represent your interest during the negotiation of the lease agreement or prior to filing suit. However, if a lawsuit must or should be filed, then we can also represent your interest federal or state courts.