“In my opinion no one will understand the true theory of contract or be able even to discuss some fundamental questions intelligently until he has understood that all contracts are formal, that the making of a contract depends not on the agreement of two minds in one intention, but on the agreement of two sets of external signs — not on the parties' having meant the same thing but on their having said the same thing.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., The Path of the Law, 10 Harvard Law Review 457 (1897). 

When it is time to create, to build, to buy or sell, it is essential that your agreement be faithfully captured. A properly drafted contract or lease agreement can prevent a dispute later, and is an investment in protecting your interests. The attorneys at Tejada Lacayo, P.A. have experience drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements, from simple promissory notes and security agreements, to complex operating agreements and commercial leases. 

The attorneys at Tejada Lacayo, P.A. are also experienced in litigating all kinds of contracts when contractual disputes arise. If all parties agree and it is beneficial, the dispute can be submitted to arbitration or mediation which are alternative methods of dissolving disputes. In arbitration, a third party arbitrator or arbitrators which are chosen by the parties decide the dispute. In mediation, the parties appoint a third party to help them reach an agreement but the mediator cannot make a binding decision. He can only guide the parties and recommend possible solutions to the problem. 

If an alternative dispute resolution method is not appropriate at the time or all the parties do not agree to have their dispute resolved in this manner, the dispute can be resolved before federal or state courts. We cannot guarantee that the litigation process will not be long or complex, however, we can guarantee that your case will be as important to us as it is to you and that we will keep you informed of the process every step of the way.