Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution. In this method the parties are in complete control of their dispute and the mediator only acts a conduit between the parties. In other words, the mediator acts to help the parties reach an agreement. He or she may make suggestions and point out to the parties the strengths and weaknesses of their case but he may never make a determination that is binding on the parties. Thus, if the parties believe that they can reach an agreement, a settlement agreement is drafted by their respective attorneys or the parties and the dispute comes to an end. 

At Tejada Lacayo, P.A. we are experienced at representing parties in mediations. Only 1% of all cases in Florida are solved during trial. All other cases are resolved prior to trial and many through mediation. Thus, whenever possible and practical, we recommend our clients to attend mediation to see if their dispute can be resolved in a manner that is acceptable to them. 

Veronica Tejada Lacayo is also a Circuit Civil Certified Mediator. She can conduct mediations in English and Spanish.